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We believe in the multiple intelligence theory which says that every child is smart in different ways. Hence we use the 21st century teaching and learning technologies, up to date curriculum and highly qualified child care specialists to groom our pupils to master the use of technology at a very early age, think critically, tactically and creatively to proffer solutions to their world. We raise our pupils to become BIRRD (Bold, Intelligent, Respectful, Responsible and Disciplined) which creates in them leadership traits and make them outstanding wherever they find themselves.
To train our pupils to fit into international standard, well cultured, polished, highly intelligent and disciplined through an integrated system of learning to the glory of God, admiration of their parents and society at large.
To foster a caring, Godly and creatives environment which will enable each child come into confident possession of their innate talents, through qualified, Godly and experienced Resource Person with appropriate technology
Every child is encouraged to belong to a club to bring about team building nd enhance family hood. Our clubs are coding, ballet, French, Swimming etc.

Our Values

Excellence Creativity Collaboration Boldness Godliness


we sort out interesting inspiring, educate historical and memorable places, events, etc once in an academic session.

Skill Training

We strongly believe in Entrepreneurship therefore we groom our pupils to also
acquire different skills from very early age.


Our Library is well stocked with beautiful collections sorted from abroad and Nigeria to enable our teachers and pupils have a broad and well balanced spectrum.